Building Amenities



ParkCity Condos living is all about urban flare and design sensibility. Stylish and sophisticated–ParkCity’s interior designers have created a palette of harmonious materials for contemporary condo living.

“Good design should enhance your quality of life. ParkCity’s options are good quality and forward thinking. They are today’s contemporary choices but tomorrow’s classics,” said Mr. Cray. The lobby, media lounge/party room, and corridors have been conceived as a harmonious palette of natural tones and earthy materials for residents and their guests’ enjoyment.


ParkCity’s Lobby is a welcoming place to come home to, greet guests and make a great first impression! Light warm anigre wood envelops the space for a stylish Scandinavian aesthetic. Quality materials such as honed stone floor tiles, frosted glass and  wood cove ceiling and ambient light make this space timeless.  A contemporary banquette, lounge chairs and chunky natural wood elements have club style.

ParkCity Lounge Burlington Condos

The ParkCity Lounge addresses your lifestyle needs by providing opportunities to entertain and socialize. Its starts with a welcoming party room lounge that is exceptional in every way. With a beautiful palette of luxe materials and stunning setting, the lounge offers an embrace of warm and inviting textures both day and night. Note a sleek hotel inspired feel while enjoying the company of new neighbours and friends.